Nature's Vision Fundraising

Join us for a unique shopping experience while helping to support both environmental causes and The Spiral Grove!

The Spiral Grove has gone through many cycles of expansion and contraction over its 28 years. Through it all we have maintained a dedicated core of active members willing to the administrative work to keep this vessel for co-creating Interpath Community of Nature Spirituality alive. Our Visioning and Manifestation Committee (V&M) developed an extensive Vision for a Spiral Grove Center that has yet to be manifested, however. We are also running low on funds for basic administrative costs. 

In 2004 The Spiral Grove V&M Committee was formed. This committee was created to help inspire, fuel and direct the forming visions and goals of The Spiral Grove. Over the years we have developed a list we desire to manifest, with the main focus on establishing our own viable, effective and creative community center. 

The Spiral Grove Community Center would serve many purposes which include but are not limited to:

Provide a safe place to practice celebrate our spiritual beliefs

Provide a venue space to rent to other like-minded groups, events, music and art festivals, etc.

Provide classrooms for teaching ecological awareness and other earthy subjects

Provide a place for a food bank with clothing and other necessities for those in crisis

Provide a space for a lending library of relevent books, DVD's, computers, etc.

Serviceable kitchen for all events

Workshop/training/drum circle space

Provides places for Community Gardens

Farmer's market location in season

What kind of expenses does The Spiral Grove have?

When we have funds, the Grove has helped people going through a crisis over the years. We have run Food Banks, Clothing Drives, a lending library and paid for utilities to keep people warm in the winter, and much more for both families and individuals. 

In 2018 we gave an individual $200 and in 2018, $50. We have been sending donation of books to inmate page circles whenever possible, as well. Our yearly administrative costs (postage, p.o. box, corporate fees) usually run around $150, but that is so low below Cellina and Glasshawk have been paying yearly for the domain name, website maintenance fees, and the costs for sending our yearly fundraising "seed letter". All ceremonial expenses and administrative work are donated. Our current fund balance is approximately $200. 

So, you can see we need your help!

Please take a moment and look at Nature's Vision website. We hope their lovely nature designs will inspire you to promote environmental awareness and support The Spiral Grove by buying something from their catalog. 

Thanks to Kathleen Rye for setting this up for us to get us going!

and thank you very much for YOUR support!