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The Spiral Grove Calendar of Events details our Grove events as well as the suggested events and activities of interest from friends of The Spiral Grove, other nature-spirit communities, eco-friendly businesses, of-interest workshops & festivals, etc. We cannot vouch for the validity of every entry we receive. Please use your own discretion when attending any public event not hosted by The Spiral Grove.

If you know of events that would fit in our calendar, please contact us. 

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Winter Solstice Celebration

On Thursday December 21, Sevenoaks Retreat Center will hold its second Winter Solstice event, concluding a year of seasonal events held here on each of the Solstices and Equinoxes  during 2017.  The theme for this winter solstice will be “The Birth of the Light” and will include a multi-cultural, inclusive, holistic approach to celebrating the moment when the sun’s light begins its return, even as the cold and dark of winter descend.  This, of course, is the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, Jews celebrate the Festival of Lights, and other traditions honor this special moment in their own ways.  

Please spread the word about this event.  A year ago, when so many of us were still reeling from the shock and pain of the presidential election, we had 75 people at our event.  After this stressful year of dealing with bigotry and lies, we have seen our collective light begin to gather and to shine.  Winter Solstice will be a way both to celebrate our growth as an extended network of spiritual communities and continue to mobilize for the work ahead.

The day is FREE, donations suggested to help support Sevenoaks Retreat Center a non-profit spiritual retreat. 

The event is organized by Susan Thesenga, Co-founder of Sevenoaks and the Pathwork. 

More info and schedule of day events to follow. 

To register and RSVP: 
Or alternately you can contact Gretchen Comer (Cellina Rhiannon Whiteflame) at Sevenoaks: